An increasing demand for a high standard of English within Malaysia has called for a more refined method of teaching English. Our fully qualified, professional, native English speaking teachers know and adhere to the philosophy that every student is different and special. With care and consideration, each student is nurtured dearly and have their best interests kept intact.

We offer specialised English classes to suit students of all ages and abilities. After all, a child exposed to a new language in the early years of life has a far greater chance of fluently speaking it later in life. Whether a student is in need of brushing-up vocabulary and grammar, compositional help, articulation, confidence in speaking or comprehension skills, we have the classes to match.

D' English – The Right Stepping Stones To Practical, Everyday, English Fluency.

Program Objectives

1. English Enrichment
Our once a week English class aims to develop phonics/vocabulary/grammar/sentence structure/composition along with teaching reading/writing/speaking/listening. Our enthusiastic teachers will instill a love of reading fiction and non-fiction books.

2. Speech & Drama
During this class, our energetic teachers will inspire and motivate students by allowing their imaginations to run wild with a specific focus on improving voice projection, articulation and presentation skills. Through this, confidence is gained and a new willingness to perform and present on stage become apparent.

3. Public Speaking
In this-interactive class, students will learn to develop and improve the use of their voice. They'll be taught how to use their imagination and personality to engage and captivate an audience so they may become the complete public speaker.

4. Combo (English and Speech & Drama)
In this unique class, the teachers will pave the way for English mastery in a variety of teaching methods to suit visual auditory and kinesthetic learners. Students will learn through role-play and themed lessons related to one-another. The aim is to increase overall confidence and creativity.

5. Full Time English

  • 4 years old (9-12nn)
  • 5 years old (9-12.30nn)
  • 6 years old (9-12.30nn)

Public Speaking

Combo (English + Speech & Drama)

Speech and Drama

English Enrichment


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